Artist Statement

I am interested in the ways in which things and beings look alive, what gives them a sense of animation. With the graphic techniques, I can usually capture life by its movements and contrasts, while in painting the use of color is what gives an image or a person the feeling that a soul inhabits it.

Even though most of my works are two-dimensional, I believe that the flatness of an image does not have a crucial role in the way in which it is perceived by the viewer. The blow of wind can be drawn on a piece of paper and the bloodstream flowing under the skin can be depicted with paint.

Recently, all my work concentrated on the way I feel about my life. I pay attention to the things, situations, and people who are giving me the impression that there is a flow that naturally drives my life towards unexpected experiences. Be it a trip, a face, a word or a situation they can all be seen from a personal point of view and be given a powerful meaning.

In terms of techniques, I have been using a wide variety of media so I can observe how they can influence the perception of the general feeling of an image. I am sometimes contemplative, sometimes excited about a certain thing and this is reflected vividly in the strokes and lines that fill a canvas.